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Season 2 of Barney & Friends aired from September 27, 1993 to October 20, 1993.


# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate
1 31 [1] "Falling for Autumn!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley September 27, 1993
The kids are preparing for the school's fall festival.

New SongsI Like Autumn

2 32 [2] "Grandparents Are Grand!" Stephen White Jim Rowley September 28, 1993
Derek's grandfather and Kathy's grandmother visit the school to tour the classroom and discuss about their childhood. When Tina misses her abuelo, she learns that a grandparent's love always exists.

New SongsNo Matter What the NameNo Matter Where They Are

3 33 [3] "May I Help You?"

Mark S. Bernthal

Stephen White

Jim Rowley September 29, 1993
The kids show Barney their normal school routine. The kids perform "The Three Billy Goats Gruff"

New SongsWhen I Walk Out of the Classroom

4 34 [4] "Red, Blue and Circles Too!" Stephen White Bruce Deck September 30, 1993
From flags to hoops, Barney shows the kids that colors and shapes exist all around them.

New SongsMy Yellow BlankeyWave the Flags

5 35 [5] "Honk! Honk! A Goose on the Loose!"

Mark S. Bernthal

Jim Rowley October 1, 1993
After Clarence the Goose runs away, Mother Goose returns to the school for help. Barney and the children recite their favorite Mother Goose rhymes to lure Clarence back to Mother Goose

New SongsThe Library

6 36 [6] "Hoo's in the Forest?" Mark Bernthal Steven Feldman October 4, 1993
After reading a story about forest animals, the kids wish that they could visit a forest. With a little imagination, Barney takes the kids to a forest - filled with animal sounds. The kids enjoy a special picnic.

New SongsOur Friend Barney Had a BandListen

7 37 [7] "I Can Do That!" Fred Holmes Steven Feldman October 5, 1993
Barney, Baby Bop, and the kids discuss things that they can do. Barney brings out his special dancing shoes to dance in them for the first time.

New SongsHello, GoodbyeThe Clean Up ClockHappy Dancin'

8 38 [8] "Grown-Ups for a Day!" Stephen White Brain Mack October 6, 1993
By trying on different costumes and hats, the kids pretend have different careers. Barney brings some friends to the school to show the kids their career.

New SongsA Silly Hat

9 39 [9] "Picture This!" Fred Holmes Steven Feldman October 7, 1993
Barney and the kids spend the day drawing pictures. Tomie dePaola drops by to show the kids how he draws pictures. Barney and the kids collaborate on their own original book.

New SongsTosha Put The Kettle OnIt's Nice Just to Be Me

10 40 [10] "Look at Me, I'm 3!"

Mark S. Bernthal

Steven Feldman October 8, 1993
It's Baby Bop's third birthday, so Barney and the kids throw her a surprise birthday party filled with activities and songs that use the number three. Baby Bop's brother BJ drops by to join in the fun.

New SongsLook at Me, I'm Three (song)

11 41 [11] "The Exercise Circus!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley October 11, 1993
Barney and the kids incorporate exercises into circus acts to show Tina that exercising can be fun. Joe Scruggs visits the school to share a silly song.
12 42 [12] "My Favorite Things" Stephen White Jim Rowley October 12, 1993
Barney and the gang show each other their favorite thing. Joe Ferguson visits to tell a story about shapes.
13 43 [13] "The Dentist Makes Me Smile" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley October 13, 1993
Shawn is worried about his loose baby tooth. Barney assures him that loosing teeth is natural for his age. Tosha and Kathy show Barney and the other kids the procedure of a dental check-up.

New SongsDo You Ever Have Silly Things?

14 44 [14] "Stop, Look and Be Safe!" Stephen White Bruce Deck October 14, 1993
Michael shows his new crossing guard uniform to his friends. This leads to a discussion all about safety.

New SongsIndoor-Outdoor Voices

15 45 [15] "An Adventure in Make Believe" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley October 15, 1993
To help BJ learn how to use his imagination, Barney develops an adventure in which his friends must help "a princess" find her way home.

New SongsJust ImagineJungle Adventure

16 46 [16] "The Alphabet Zoo"

Stephen White

Bruce Deck October 18, 1993
The kids decide to create their own zoo, filled with animals that start with each letter of the alphabet. Aunt Molly drops by to share a story.

New SongsThe Tiger Song

17 47 [17] "Having Tens of Fun!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley October 19, 1993
Barney's friend, Mr. Tenagain visits the school to show the kids fun counting activities. Meanwhile, Mr. Tenagain gives Baby Bop a special gift

New SongsA Big Parade Of Numbers

18 48 [18] "A Very Special Delivery!" Stephen White Jim Rowley October 20, 1993
Tosha's special surprise is on the way. While they wait, Barney and the children discover different ways that make each of them special. Barney's friend Ella Jenkins shares some special songs with the kids.

Season 2 CastEdit

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  • This season marks:
    • The final season in which Kathy Parker serves as an executive producer.
    • The first appearances of BJJulie, and Jason.
    • The first and only appearance of David.
    • The final appearances of Michael and Tina. Michael would later guest star in Sing and Dance with Barney, and Tina would later guest star in On the Move.
    • The only season to be closed-captioned by the National Captioning Institute. The episodes released on Home Video were closed-captioned by the Caption Center WGBH Educational Foundation except  Familes are Special.
  • The Playground got a slight redesign this season, as there are no swings and no huge platform (instead opting for a smaller jungle gym) like in Season 1. The classroom was also redesigned, looking nothing like it did in the first season.
  • David never appeared with Julie, Tina, Michael, or Derek in an episode.
  • A new Barney doll is used for this season. This Barney doll marks the very first time it has yellow toes since A Day at the Beach. It would later be used again in Season 3
  • Barney's voice becomes higher than his Playing it Safe and Barney's Campfire Sing Alongs voices. The costume also went through minor changes. This costume was actually used in My Family's Just Right for Me.
  • The Baby Bop costume becomes shorter to represent her age.
  • The Barney Bag also received a redesign (looking nothing like its Season 1 counterpart), which went on from this season up to Season 6.
  • Like subsequent seasons afterward, with the exception of Season 7-13 the opening sequence is totally reshot and re-edited. However, the closing shot of the Season 1 Barney doll on the tire swing remains mostly the same, with a minor re-edit done to the "twinkle" in Barney's eye.
  • Shawn starts wearing glasses this season.

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